Day 14: Your earliest memory.

My earliest memory that I can remember, well actually its two of them. One of them being me playing Santa Claus in a school play in Pre-K. I remember being embarrassed that I had to play Santa Claus. All the other kids had to sit on my lap which didn’t make matter any better.

The second earliest memory was of me being just a toddler. My uncle came over one day to introduce us to his new dog. It was a Doberman pinscher and I remember so horrible afraid of this dog. This particular day I was chase around a coffee table for what seemed like hours. I remember crying my eyes out as all the adults laughed. “He’s just playing” they all said. Well let’s just say that it only made one of us.


Day 13: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.



There are two countries that I really want to visit. Spain and France are my top two. I met a cool person once that taught aboard in Madrid, Spain. We talked about how living in Spain was fun. It was so intriguing that I wanted to know a lot more about the country, and became fascinated about it. I studied the culture and cuisine and pretty much everything else I can learn. France on the other hand has always been top of my list. The architecture of the buildings, and history of both countries are most fascinating. I can’t wait until my first trip aboard. I’m sure it will be a blast!

Day 12: Bullet your whole day.


I want to start by saying that today was a great one. We as a family experience a brand new adventure. It was the ICE! attraction at The Gaylord Texan Resort. This particular attraction was a winter wonderland of ice sculptures. The one thing that really stood out is the fact that this huge attraction was inside a huge room that was only 9 degrees.

  • 5:30am – Snoozed my alarm
  • 5:45am – Snoozed my alarm again
  • 6:15am – Got out of bed
  • 6:20am – Brushed my teeth
  • 6:30am – Brewed a cup of coffee
  • 6:35am – Sat down at my desk to listen to my favorite daily podcasts.
  • 7:51am – My littles ones came downstairs ready for breakfast.
  • 8:06am – Ate Breakfast
  • 8:22am – Walked my dog. (She’s a 1yr old German Shepard named Bailey)
  • 8:47am –  Returned from our walk (Hurried back to watch College Gameday)
  • 11:00am – Started watching college Football
  • 12:22pm – Rushed to the closet Quick Care (My youngest daughter had a bead stuck in her nose)
  • 12:34pm – Left and went to the Children’s Hospital ER (The wait in the Urgent Care was better than 1 1/2 hours.)
  • 1:02pm – Left the ER
  • 1:05pm – Headed to Walmart to buy hats and gloves before our afternoon adventure.
  • 2:01pm – Returned home to get dressed & watch some more football!
  • 3:47pm – Headed to the gas station before we left.
  • 3:51pm – Got on the road for our 45min journey.
  • 4:42pm – Finally found a parking spot
  • 5:15pm – Met up when family who also was attending
  • 5:30pm – Had fun/took a bunch of pictures
  • 6:00pm – Almost froze solid/Lost feeling in my fingers (I had to give up my gloves to son my son who forgot his)
  • 7:11pm – Headed back home
  • 7:37pm – Stopped to get pizza
  • 8:02pm – Arrived home


*I did indeed take timestamps on most of these events.

Day 11: Put your iPod on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs the pop up.




Now before I get started on this I want it to be known that I like all kinds of music. It doesn’t matter about the genre. If it moves me I can listen to it. I have to say some of my favorite artist are: Sade, Prince, The Goo Goo Dolls, Jadakiss, etc… That list can go on and on..


  1. Tevin Campbell – Can We Talk
  2. Fetty Wap – Trap Queen
  3. India.Arie – Good Man
  4. Beanie Sigel – Feel it in the Air
  5. Etta James – Imagination
  6. Justin Bieber – I’ll show you
  7. Flume – Never be like you
  8. Snoop Dogg – Ashtrays and Heartbreaks
  9. Journey – Faithfully
  10. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire







Day 10: Your guilty pleasure (or pleasures!)

I had to take some time and really think about this one. Guilty pleasures? I really looked up the definition to this. What really makes your pleasures guilty on not? I decided these are a few of mine: Listening to music with headphones as much as I do. I tend to blocked a lot of things when I doing this. It’s my way of escaping the present day. SPORTS!!! This definitely is a big guilty pleasure. I couldn’t believe if myself, but the fact that I’ve personally avoided many engagements and even work for the sake watching sports puts it on the list. Third and final and has be Daydreaming. This be far has to be the worst at times. My mind is very eccentric and my thoughts have no end. This really has a huge impact on reality a lot of the times. It’s one of those things you cant help but to do.

Day 8: A moment you felt the most satisfied with you life?



I can’t answer this question honestly at this moment. They’ve been many moments in life that I’ve been happy for sure, but to truly answer that question now is difficult. As we live out day by day, I know that there will be times where I would love to think this is that moment. In reality when you’ve believed without a shadow you’ve experienced that moment, you have to wonder that there is a tomorrow. There is always another moment that can possibly outduel the previous. So with that being said I’m going to mark this story TO BE DETERMINED. I hopefully have many more years to live in this lifetime. I’m sure that most satisfying moment is out there somewhere.